Woops しまった~の例文

Harry is walking along the street in Japan. He is looking for the post office. He sees a young man coming towards him.

Harry:Excuse me.Do you speak English?
Young man:Yes.
Harry:I'm look for the post office.Can you tell me where it is?
Young man:It's not far,but it's difficult to tell you where it is. I'll show you.
Harry:That's very kind of you.
Young man:Not at all.
Harry:Excuse me for asking, but how come you speak such good English?
Young man:I lived in America for two years.
Harry:Oh, really.
Young man:Have you been in Japan long?
Harry:No,only three months.
Young man:Tokyo's a very confusing place,isn't it?
Harry:Tes, It's difficult to find places, because there are no street names.
Young man:That's true. Well, this is where the post office is. Woops!
Harry:What's the matter?
Young man:The post office isn't here.This must be hte wrong street.Now I'm lost,too.


1.Do you speak English?
Can you ~と聞くのは相手の能力を聞くことになるので、見ず知らずの人に対しては、少々失礼な感じになります。
Do you ~?が普通です。

2.I'm look for~
look for~は「~を探す」の意味。

3.post office

4.I'll show you.

5.That's very kind of you.

6.Excuse me for asking

7.I lived in America for two years.


これはTokyo is をつづめた形です。

10.That's true.


12.What's matter?

13.the wrong street
目指していた通りとは違うとおりだったという意味です。間違い電話がかかってきたときなど、”You have the wrong number.”(番号をお間違いです)のように言います。

loseは「失う」ですが、be lostは「道に迷う」とか「迷子になる」の意味です。